vid_thumb01 More to come! vid_thumb02 More to come! vid_thumb03 More to come! vid_thumb04 Penguin A&E






Channel 5 series following the work of a Penguin Rescue centre in Cape Town with Lorraine Kelly


vid_thumb01 The Dark Tourist vid_thumb02 The Hairy Builder vid_thumb03 The Art Lovers Guide vid_thumb04 Fired by Mum and Dad
New Netflix series about worldwide alternative travel destinations.


BBC: Dave from the Hairy Bikers helps in the restoration of UK heritage buildings.


BBC: Art and culture experts reexamine some of the world’s greatest cities.


MTV series where problem kids are given the chance to intern at their dream workplace.


vid_thumb01 Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis vid_thumb02 Mary Queen of the High Street vid_thumb03 The Apprentice vid_thumb04 Urban Secrets
6x30 format where Warwick and his family travel around the UK meeting Great British Eccentrics.


3x60 documentary series following Mary Portas attempt to transform four ‘Portas Pilot’ towns with the PM.


Prime time format where Lord Alan Sugar hires and fires potential business partners. I was lead PD on the junk and urban art tasks as well as the final.


Series Directed this 8x60 guide to the hidden side of the UK & Ireland’s best known cities. Hosted by Alan Cumming


vid_thumb09 Extreme Fishing vid_thumb09 Great British Railway Journeys vid_thumb01 Sex Toy Stories vid_thumb02 The Royal Wedding
Robson Green journeys to stunning Sri Lanka, where fishing is the lifeblood of the coastal communities around the island.


Michael Portillo makes four railway journeys across the UK, using a 150-year-old Bradshaw's Guide


1x60 format where 12 diverse women develop bespoke sex toys for Ann Summers latest collection


Shot features, promos and actuality on the big day outside Buckingham Palace - with Amanda Byram and key talent


vid_thumb03 Celebrity Wife Swap vid_thumb04 Your Home in Their Hands vid_thumb05 Dressed As A Girl vid_thumb06 It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief
What happens when comics collide? Scottish comedian and reality TV star Rhona Cameron swaps lives with Viv Boardman...


6x30 new format where Celia Sawyer invites two amateur designers to transform homes in need


Self funded feature documentary for international release about East London's exciting alternative scene


A cop and reformed robber set up stunts and undercover filming to give shoplifters a run for their money


vid_thumb07 Splash! vid_thumb10 World's Strictest Parents vid_thumb09 I'm A Celebrity vid_thumb08 Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents
5x60 reality format where celebs learn to dive under the tutelage of Olympic medallist Tom Daley


Each week 2 teens leave their own fraught family lives to spend 10 days living under the rules and roofs of some of the World’s...


Ten celebrities are abandoned in the Australian outback with only minimal means of survival, in order to raise money for charity


Documentary format in which, each week, two sets of parents will embark on a top-secret mission to observe their offspring...


vid_thumb11 Florida: Paradise Lost vid_thumb12 Britain's Next Top Model vid_thumb12 Make Me A Christian vid_thumb08 My Super Sweet World Class
Florida is universally known as the Sunshine State so it’s unsurprising that many British holidaymakers want to stay there for good...


13 wannabe models from across the UK fight it out through a series of grueling fashion shoots, challenges and eliminations to...


Reverend George Hargreaves and his team of mentors take a group of volunteers and teach them a more 'Christian'...


Multi-camera entertainment/reality format where two Sydney playboys try and put on the ultimate party for hundreds of guests


vid_thumb11 Man Up vid_thumb09 Plain Jane vid_thumb09 The Sex Education Show vid_thumb09 The Great British Body
10x60 format where geeky guys undergo a personality transplant under the watchful eye of Olivia Lee


2x60 format where a dowdy girl aims to get the man of her dreams, gets a makeover and undertakes high octane foreign challenges, hosted by Louise Roe.


Features director on this award winning prime time show, giving ground-breaking lessons to British schools - hosted by Anna Richardson


Trinny & Susannah get the nation naked in celebration of The Great British Body. The pair are on a mission to discover what the...


vid_thumb11 Generation Xcess vid_thumb09 Dating The Enemy vid_thumb09 The Best & Worst Places in the UK vid_thumb09 Unreported World
Cameras follow several groups of gregarious young friends in their 20s who know how to party hard and then later confront them...


When it comes to love, there are certain types we’d never date. It could be an Essex girl, a posh city boy, a hippie chick...


Channel Four’s The UK’s Best and Worst Places to Live is screened once again, but this year we are treated to a younger version of new...


Clubbing On The Frontline follows three Israeli clubbers in the run up to the country's largest and most flamboyant music...


vid_thumb11 Holiday vid_thumb09 The One Show vid_thumb09 Mama - 'Horses' pop video vid_thumb09 Lonnie Gordon - Horny
Prime time BBC1 travel show featuring actor Jeremy Sheffield.  Jeremy goes to Sri Lanka a year after the devastating tsunami...


Prime time BBC1 consumer chat show featuring Olympic gold medalist Kelly Holmes


Directed this pop video in 2010


Directed this pop video for this soul diva in 2014