Colin is a London-based freelance Producer and Director specialising in observational documentary, formats and reality tv for the BBC, ITV, Sky, Fox and Channels 4 and 5. He has worked for most independent production companies including Two Four, Boundless, Love, RDF Media, Betty, Optomen, IWC, the BBC and ITV in house.

He enjoys all aspects and areas of production, whether it be filming former politicians talking about the SAS, celebrities in the Australian jungle, actors swimming with whale sharks or teenagers misbehaving in Ibiza. He relishes new challenges and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure any project is a success.

Colin is an innovative, creative and imaginative film maker who likes to think outside the box and enjoys capturing the warmth and humanity of those involved in his films. He also prides himself in combining a good story with a sense of humour, where appropriate.

Colin specialises in working under pressure and forming bonds with contributors and talent to create intimate films with a strong narrative, covering a range of issues. Previous topics have included problem teenagers, the elderly, strict parenting, drugs, sexuality, bankruptcy and gender issues.

He is currently working on his first feature length documentary about East London’s exciting alternative scene - ‘Dressed As A Girl’ -  which is due to premiere at film festivals next year.

Colin also has extensive technical experience as a camera operator, having self shot many of his own programmes using Canon C300, XF305, Z1, Z7, EX1, EX3 and DVX . He is fortunate to have used these skills in many locations around the world - self shooting, working with crew and directing presenters.

He is a strong team leader and player, reacting quickly when unplanned situations arise. He deals with difficult situations calmly and has managed teams of up to 25 people, bringing energy, ideas and passion to every project he works on.