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Clubbing On The Frontline follows three Israeli clubbers in the run up to the country's largest and most flamboyant music festival, the Love Parade.

As the latest ceasefire unravels the film shows what it's like to be a young person in Israel today, trying to live a normal life against a backdrop of conflict and the ever-present threat of suicide bombings.

17-year-old Omer is a clubber from Jerusalem who was injured in a suicide bomb 18 months ago almost losing his life. 27-year-old Orit loves clubbing in Tel Aviv. She believes that the Palestinians should have their own country and she compares the separation fence to the Berlin Wall. 37-year-old Ofer is one of Israel's top TV directors. He is so used to the conflict that he has become desensitized in order to survive. All three see clubbing as an important release from the stress of everyday life in Israel and they delight in the opportunity to forget about the situation on the day of the Love Parade.


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